Schweppes Promo

Directing & VFX

For an eye catching promo, Schweppes Australia wanted 6 different products to fly out of a glasses-free 3D screen and grab viewer's attention (yes, such screens do exist, they're called 'autostereoscopic displays').

The requirement was for a loop that could play ad-infinitum with the maximum amount of 3D 'punch'.

While the tendency in design is towards clean and uncluttered environments a plain black background or a cyclorama background actually works against the 3D 'pop' the client wanted. I worked with Schweppes Australia and Inition Asia Pacific to get result the client wanted.

Working with the assets provided by Inition I created the animation for the bottle in 3D Studio Max. By adding a slight camera move and textured background that allows us to 'read' the 3D visually, a great result was achieved for the client.

For the sake of brevity, only one product cycle loop is presented here. If you have a 3D monitor, you can view the same video in 3D here.